Posted by: ysbsindonesia | August 18, 2008


Background and purpose: Established on 12 March 1976, YSBS promotes and nurtures the sense of humanity and social justice in the Indonesian society. Meanwhile, the background of the creation of the foundation was ignorance, poverty, and backwardness of the society, which need to be overcome as soon as possible.

Area and form of activities: Agriculture, healthcare, small enterprises and cooperatives, children and education are the foundation’s main fields of activity. Meanwhile, clean water and sanitation, women in development, gender, environment, urban development, animal husbandry, population and family planning, and marine development and fishery are its supporting fields of activity. Activities in those main fields are carried out in the forms of education and training, community development and facilitation as well as credit provision. They are supported by studies, researches and surveys.

Program: Programs carried out by YSBS have included the provision of teachers, textbooks for elementary, junior secondary and senior secondary school students, and the undertaking of non-formal education and the development of small enterprises, and projects for the survival of children, and labor intensive projects.

Funding sources: Assistance funds are from government subsidies and grants from international organizations (like CRS, CCF and MISSEREOR), and the remuneration of the projects carried out by YBS in cooperation with other parties.

Membership and working area: YSBS is included in the Coordination of Social Welfare Activities (K3S) and the Council of Catholic Education of the Diocese (MPK) at the regional level. At the national level, it is a member of the National Council of Catholic Education (MNPK). The foundation operates mostly in the province of Central Java.


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